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Free publish your Unreal Engine application from your computer to webpage without cloud and complicate configuration.


  • Desktop with high-end graphics card can run Unreal Engien 4.24 application smoothly, support the graphics hardware reference documtes
  • Minimal 2Megabit upload speed from ISP
  • Install node.js, you can download and install on Nodejs website

Prepare Your Unreal Engine Application

Note: suitable Unreal Engine 4.24 and above

  • Eenable Pixel Streaming plugin from main menu in the Unreal Editor, select Edit > Plugins. Under the Graphics category, find the Pixel Streaming Plugin and check its Enabled box.

  • If project involves a character, and you can enable input from touch devices, and show the on-screen touch contorllers, from Unreal Editor, find the main menu , choose Edit > Project Settings, Under the Engine > Input category, find and enable the Always Show Touch Interface setting.


  • Under the Level Editor > Play category, find the Additional Launch Parameters setting, and set its value to -AudioMixer -PixelStreamingIP=localhost -PixelStreamingPort=8888.

we deploying free server for connet, replace parameters as follow choice one of

-PixelStreamingIP= -PixelStreamingPort=8889

-PixelStreamingIP= -PixelStreamingPort=8891

from this steps , there 2 ways connect servers,  standalone and packaged windows program.

1.  Standalone mode

  • Select Play mode and play setting from Unreal Editor top menu toolbar:


  •  Click play button to play level as standalone mode:

  • Game project will immediately following engine initialization on startup:

  • open browser, navigate to  or (depend on your setup port patrmeters):



2.   Package Project Mode

  • Package your Project for Windows. From the main menu in the Unreal Editor, choose Files > Package Project > Windows > Windows (64-bit).

  • When the packaging process is finished, go to the packaged folder. You’ll find a folder called WindowsNoEditor with contents similar to the following:

  • Press Alt and drag your .exe file to create a new shortcut in the same folder (or anywhere else you like on your computer).

  • Right-click the shortcut and choose Properties from the contextual menu.

  • On the Shortcut tab of the Shortcut Properties window, append the text -PixelStreamingIP=localhost -PixelStreamingPort=8888 at the end of the Target field, and click OK.

replace parameters as follow choice one of:

-PixelStreamingIP= -PixelStreamingPort=8889

-PixelStreamingIP= -PixelStreamingPort=8891



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Any questions discuss on pixel streaming forum or Unreal Engine Fourm

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